Old Souls Carnival

by Medline

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    releases December 12, 2016

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Old Souls Carnival
Moon Crescent
Flying Devishes
Dreams and Nightmares
When Truth Blasts
Power to the People
jazz, Progressive, Rock, folk, psychedelic, - Realm of Barbelo
Power to the People - Instrumental


350 X 12" vinyl records and 30 X gold hub cassettes are available at:
My Bags > mybags.bandcamp.com
Stereophonk > stereophonk.bandcamp.com

"Old Souls Carnival" is the most accomplished Medline album so far, presenting his new direction in composition and his multi instrumentalist approach. The project is driven by a strong spiritual background with a deep 70's soul jazz fusion influence, raised into a movie soundtrack like dimension.

Each piece reveals a facet of Medline's music, origins, tastes and character. Playing with shamanic and exotic harmonies, hybridized with distorded psych funk sound and solidely pulsed by live played drum patterns and awesome unique beats.

The natural flows of his expression speaks deeply and truely to the senses, traducing 6 monthes of gathering emotions, traducing feelings, during meditative recordings sessions on the world evolution and reality. The entire album was composed, produced, mixed and mastered by Medline at the family's house, in Messac, offering a perfect immersion in his mental universe.

The fabulous and mysterious hand made drawings of Stéphane Carricondo, are the perfect traduction of Medline's mestized artwork, sealling many years of a rich collaboration. Rich with a wide variety of colors and influences, channeled by Medline's own hands, this first 12" record released on his label, My Bags, lives up to expectation.

The French-Chilean producer always works outside of boundaries and styles frames, and with this "Old Souls Carnival" Lp shows that extraordinary projects, shaking the actual music codes, can be expected from him for years to come.


releases December 12, 2016

Medline: composition, organic and digital instruments, recording, mixing and mastering, cover design
Stéphane Carricondo: handmade illustrations courtesy of 9eme Concept
Martin Nicols: executive producing
Stainless Steele: rhyme and vocal performance on Wild Sour courtes of Extra Lovely



all rights reserved


Medline Cuzco, Peru

Mother earth's body & Father sky's spirit.
Life's ode listener, music goldsmith, sounds animator, frequencies carver.

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Track Name: Wild Sour Feat. Stainless Steele
Night falls, illumination from the stars moon electric light bulbs, slide down the
ladder, unravel the DNA a spiral rhyme pattern.

Soundwaves scatter on radars in blind caverns.

Hold mics like light saber to Darth Vader, frozen in time leg saber tooth tiger inside a glacier.

Lace tapes with electric superpower like Marvel comic book characters I'm a sniper in the tower.

A writer in the midnight hour nocturnal like the old wise owl another chapter in the novel.

Age like a wild sour time to crack the bottle, flip styles like a fashion model vocab colossal.

Satellites spiral like words from the hypnotist, swirling arithmetic blurring your vision like psychoactive plants when we do the rain dance, creating to advance and put your brain in a trance.

I move like a shadow as the time stretches, fine lines in my sketches combine
methods, then observe how the chemicals react the fire burns the color of the
spectrum on the instrumental track.

I strike with a heavy sniper like a deadly viper catch a wreck in any cipher.
Cyber Kinetic mechanical mind rhyme is prophetic digging for clues like a private detective.

Psychedelic design like a splash on a tie-dye, undetected moving through the sky like the Wi-Fi.

Stand at the edge of the universe and bust a swan dive. I beg your pardon this kid is spittin’ mega jargon and stay inside a psychedelic realm like a sacred garden, where my thoughts blossom exotic tropical wildlife strike optical.

Droppin’ the new rap boom bap, Electroom Acoostap.